The selection of hardware products such as faucets, showers, pendants, etc. directly influences the surface texture of the
product and the effect on the human senses and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Less-Lead Copper

Plumbing products such as faucets and
showers are all made of low-lead materials
in order to minimize pollution with heavy
metals and contribute to the environmental
protection of the earth.

H59 A Class Copper

H59A copper has less heavy metal content,
which is healthier and harmless to the human
body, and with the added benefit of having
anti-bacterial properties, corrosion resistance
and better plasticity.

Surface Treatment

Compared with commonly used copper chrome plating process, variegated electroplating yields
more lustruous finishes and is favored by the market, consequently higher requirements are placed
on the level of surface treatment.

Multiple Layers Plating

After galvanized plating, PVD and other multi-layer
gold plating treatments, the product presents the
perfect color and gloss required by designers, while
adding durability, as well as fade and corrosion
resistance properties.

  • PVD

    Physical vapor deposition is suitable for various
    finishes like gold, bronze, gunmetal- gray and various
    other electroplating applications, but the process is
    complicated. The coating has the characteristic of
    having a uniform color that is long lasting, while adding
    wear resistance and corrosion resistance properties.

  • Galvanic Plating

    Galvanized plating produces a
    beautiful surface finish, while adding
    strong corrosion resistance and high
    wear resistance.

Core Accessories

All Monopy water faucet products use globally sourced high-end valve cores to provide customers
with a high-quality, reliable performance, and operation experience.

Ceramic Cartridge

Monopy uses globally sourced high-end
ceramic valve stems, which have good
sealing performance, abrasion resistance,
and smooth operation. They can withstand
up to 500,000 cycles without leaks.



The surface of the ceramic is flat and
smooth, which creates an improved
seal and smoother operation.



Improved smoothness during the
opening and closing operation
while maintaining a proper seal.

Thermostatic Valve Cartridge

The amount of cold water and hot water is automatically balanced within a short period of time to keep
the temperature of the outlet water stable without being disturbed by environmental water conditions.

Antibacterial Aerator

Environmentally-friendly oxygen
technology makes the water flow
softer and effectively saves 30%
of the water. The built-in filter
element cleans impurities in the
water for easy maintenance and
operation. The front-end water
outlet can adjust the water outlet

Production Technology

Production of Monopy bathroom hardware continues to move towards the direction of
higher automation and precision.

Multi-Waterways Design

The Monopy thermostatic shower
faucet uses a multi-channel design
and low pressure casting technology,
which puts more pressure on the
quality and design of the sand core.

  • Automatic Buffing Machine

    The automatic polishing mechanical
    arm replaces manual labor, improving
    the surface quality and production
    efficiency of the product.

  • CNC

    The CNC machining center is digitally
    operated for a more stable machining
    quality and higher accuracy.

Quality Control

Monopy is the first companyin the ceramic industry to build a CNAS testing laboratory to
conduct strict testing protocols and more stringent quality control of products.

Salt Spray Test

The 24-hour salt spray test is above level 9,
and the surface corrosion is less than 0.25%.
These requirements ensure a long service life
of the product.