Monopy’s patented flushing technology provides a quiet flush that is not constrained
by water pressure, creating an ideal toilet solution.

Low-Position Tank System

The low-profile water tank is lower than the toilet seat surface, relying on the core components of the system to
increase the energy potential of the spray end. This ensures that the upper cover is ultra-thin and beautiful and
also solves for the constraint of water pressure needs of solenoid valves and water hammer noise issues.

  • Generation


  • Generation

    Compared to the first-generation high-tank smart toilet, the third-generation
    smart toilet has superior advantages in terms of design aesthetics; it is also
    superior to the second-generation smart toilet in terms of performance with
    a more silent flush and less constrained by water pressure requirements.

Venturi-Principle Flushing System

The Venturi impulse system makes use of
the principle of local instant supercharging
to supplement the lack of potential energy
of water impulse in the brush ring.


Intelligent seat heating that adjusts the temperature according to the environment and the human body.
A functional design that takes into consideration the human body.

Seat Ring Heating

The whole system has V0 fireproof performance to ensure that in any extreme situation, it will not catch fire and prevent burning.
The whole series also uses PTC heating wire, which has better thermostatic performance. The toilet seat heating system also has the
function of preventing low-temperature burns. After the user sits for 5-10 minutes, the machine will automatically reduce the
temperature according to the set temperature value of the toilet seat to prevent the skin from contacting the toilet seat slightly higher
than the skin temperature for an extended period of time, causing chronic burns. At the same time, it has an over-heating fuse control,
which will automatically fuse at 60°C as an additional safety feature.

Ceramic Tube Heating System

Using advanced ceramic tube heating technology,
the thermal efficiency can reach 95%.

Dynamic Dryer

The movable air outlet expands
the scope of the cleaning area
and more effectively dries the
residual water on the buttocks.


Intelligent seat heating that adjusts the temperature according to the environment and the human body.
A functional design that takes into consideration the human body.

Arc Spray Lance

The arc-shaped spray bar forms
an arc-shaped movement track,
which can increase the cleaning
range while reducing the height
of the fuselage and saving space.

  • Ultraviolet Disinfection

    The ultraviolet rays in the nozzle kill bacteria and viruses by
    inhibiting growth and cell regenerative of pathogens, effectively
    achieving sterilization and disinfection. As an example, Escherichia
    coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans pathogens, are
    effectively sterilized by 99.99% in less than 3 minutes.

  • Detachable Sprayer Nozzle

    The uniquely designed detachable and
    washable spray nozzle can prevent
    long-term repeated infections and can
    be cleaned at any time making it safer
    to use.

  • Metallic Sprayer

    Part of the spray rod is made of
    metal, creating a surface that is
    bright and clean, and not easy to

  • Polymer Materials Sprayer

    Part of the spray bar is made out of ahigh molecular
    antibacterial material, adding bacteriostatic agents
    and a nano-silver ion coating to effectively inhibit
    growth of pathogens such as E. coli, Staphylococcus
    aureus, and Candida albicans.

Aerating Technology

Through the air pump, air is blown into the washing
water to form waves, which are not only soft and
gentle, but also can fully wash and massage the
skin, reducing water consumption and ensuring a
better cleaning experience.


With integrated water filtration, decomposition catalyst, ozone sterilization and
triple automatic deodorization, it instantly purifies the bathroom air.

Activated Charcoal Deodorization

The odor in the system is sucked away and filtered through
the built-in activated carbon filter, which generates an active
antibacterial and deodorization effect.

Silver Ion Inhibiting Bacterial Growth

The toilet seat has direct contact with the human skin.
The addition of nano silver ions effectively inhibit the
survival of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus
pathogens, achieving an antibacterial effect for peace
of mind after every use.

Human Factor

The user friendly interface of the smart toilet is very intuitive,
thereby bringing the user a more pleasant experience.

Sensor Activated Cover & Seat

Microwave induction technology automatically
opens the toilet lid by sensing the distance of
the user in order to prevent the human body
from spreading bacteria when opening and
closing the lid.

Kicksensor Activated Flush

Touch with your foot to trigger the hidden capacitive
sensor, which in turn activates the opening and closing
of the lid as well as the flushing function, making it
more convenient and safer to use.

Human Factor Design
Makes It Easy to Use

Knob design for an easy and
simple operation; one-button
operates winter and summer
mode conversion for an intuitive,
hassle-free experience.

IML(In Molding Label)

The exterior parts of the smart toilet
partially use in-mold transfer
technology to achieve an integrated
light effect; the night light is easily
activated with the simple touch of a
switch, giving a sense of modernity
and technological advancement.

IMR(In-Mould Decoration By Roller)

The design of the smart toilet uses injection
molding technology in a large area of the
exterior parts, in order to accentuate the lighting
and surface coating effects. The final outcome
of this process is differentiate look without
affecting the structural integrity of the product.

Production Craftsmanship

Advanced production technology ensures that the product meets the
requirements of accuracy and durability in form and function.

FRW—Friction Welding

The assembly process of the upper and lower parts of the smart toilet seat is an important factor in determining the structural strength
requirements of the seat. The ultrasonic friction welding process replaces the traditional connection process, which greatly improves the
load resistance of the seat and ensures that the product does not crack or break for an extended period of time.

SMT & Wave Soldering

The internal circuit board of the smart toilet adopts advanced SMT and wave soldering
technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of circuit board production.