Imported antibacterial additive glaze is heated to a high temperature of 1280℃ to form a unique beautiful mirror glaze.
The thickness of formed glaze formed is between 0.6mm and 0.8mm thick, which is dense and not easy to stain.

Silver Ion Inhibits Bacterial Growth

Monopy uses imported silver ion coating for glazing, which can effectively inhibit bacteria growth like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Nano Composite Self-Cleaning Glaze

Nano-level high effectiveness antibacterial for a comprehensive health protection.

Siphon S Bend Full Pipe Glaze

The 360-degree sewage trapway is fully
glazed to ensure that it is smooth enough
to repel dirt and stains. The 50mm super
large siphon and mechanically large
diameter trapway can easily discharge
sewage without getting blocked.

Vitreous China

32 kinds of pottery clay raw material formulas ensure that the raw materials meet high standards and form high-quality
mud. It is fired at a high temperature of 1280 ℃ for 15 hours, and the ensuing vitrification reaction makes the ceramic
body strong and hard, while creating a surface that is smooth.

Lower Water Absorption

water absorption<0.2%. higher density of ceramic and glaze. less likely to be stained

  • Higher Load-Bearing

    Load-Bearing >400kg
    Exceeds Requirement of
    Routine Usage
    and Safe Guarantee

Lower Radiation

Common Standard: Ira (Internal Exposure Index)<=1.0 ly (External Exposure Index) <=1.3

Standard of Monopy: Ira (Internal Exposure Index) <=0.4; ly (External Exposure Index) <=0.8

Fine Fireclay

FFC (Fine Fireclay) technology uses high-quality kaolin and other raw materials calcined at a high temperature to be used
for forming and grouting after particle size adjustments. The fired product has minimal deformations and high regularity.


The length of ceramic products fired with FFC can reach 1.5 meters and the deformation is less than 1.5mm.


The toilet cover has a silent and soft-close function, which can be quickly removed with the push of a button. The design of
the toilet seat has been ergonomically designed to accommodate the curvatures of the human body.

Mute and Soft Close

A liquid damping is used to achieve a silent soft close, with a service life is more than 50,000 cycles.

  • Quick Disassembly Cover

    Easy installation with a one button
    quick-release feature.

  • Optimal Arc Seat Ring

    Fitting To Human Body
    The curved surface of the toilet seat
    is ergonomically designed to ensure
    a comfortable sitting position.

  • PP/UF Cover Plate

    Made of high-quality PP/UF materials, which are stronger and
    more scratch resistant, to create a surface texture similar to
    ceramic. The product has a stain and fade-resistant property
    for a long-lasting product life. Polymer cover plates with
    different material properties are suitable for the needs of
    people for different parts of the world.

  • Silver lon Inhibits Bacterial Growth

    Monopy uses an imported silver ion coating for
    glazing, which can effectively inhibit bacteria growth
    like Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Automated Production Line

High-tech automated equipment with an intelligent control system, ensure
consistent quality and higher production efficiency.

High Pressure Grouting

Highly efficient state of the art technology that yields low noise pollution, reduces cycle time and labor savings.

Robot Glazing

The mechanical arm automatically sprays the glaze to protect the health of our workforce, ensure a uniform glaze,
and improve the overall quality approval rate.